IP Litigation

We are a group of litigators who have successfully handled hundreds of IP disputes for a variety of clients—from multinational corporations to small.

IP Litigation

With a track record of successfully resolving countless IP disputes, our team of experienced litigators is dedicated to protecting our clients’ valuable assets. From multinational corporations to local startups and individuals, we have provided effective representation to a diverse range of clients.

At Dumont, we specialize in high-profile trademark and patent cases, boasting extensive expertise in this complex field. Our years of experience have equipped us with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the intricacies of IP law.

What sets us apart is our unique approach, which centers around understanding our clients’ specific assets and needs. By gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, we can tailor our strategies to align with their objectives. We firmly believe that litigation should be viewed as a powerful business tool rather than merely a means to an end.

We represent our clients before key authorities including the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Administrative Court, the Federal District and Circuit Courts, and the Mexican Supreme Court. Our comprehensive representation ensures that our clients’ interests are diligently protected at every stage of the legal process.

Passion and enthusiasm drive us to go above and beyond for our clients. We take pride in creating strategic approaches and vigorously advocating for their IP rights in court. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from our competitors.

Dumont’s IP litigation services encompass a wide range of capabilities, including:


At Dumont, we are staunch advocates for the protection of intellectual property rights across all sectors. Our unwavering commitment extends to taking decisive action against those involved in the sale, marketing, distribution, or importation of counterfeit merchandise, including criminal proceedings.

To prevent counterfeit goods from infiltrating Mexico and infringing upon intellectual property rights, we collaborate closely with Mexican Customs. Through our direct contact and coordination with them, we ensure the implementation of appropriate measures at the border. This proactive approach safeguards our clients’ market position from the adverse effects of counterfeit products.

With our expertise in anti-counterfeiting strategies, we empower our clients to combat this scourge effectively. By leveraging our comprehensive understanding of intellectual property laws, we strive to eliminate counterfeiting and protect the integrity of our clients’ brands and products.