Dumont’s Patents Department is dedicated to ensuring its clients confidence in the firm’s ability to protect their efforts to contribute to technological development.

Our Services

With a specialized team, Dumont offers services directed to filing, prosecuting, maintaining, and capitalizing on rights in all types of matters related to inventions, such as patents, utility models, industrial designs, plant varieties, integrated circuit layouts, and trade secrets.

With a long-lasting tradition as a patent law firm, Dumont stands out as one of the most reliable and proficient firms in Mexico providing patent counseling services. As a result, Dumont is currently in charge of handing significant patent portfolios for clients in a variety of industries, such as metal alloys, glass, plastics, ceramics, oil and gas, electronics, optics, medical devices, healthcare, pulp and paper, pharma, biotech, security inks, machinery, among others.

Aiming to optimize prosecution times and costs, Dumont has developed and trained a dedicated technical team able to provide advice during substantive examination. At this stage, clients receive not only a simple report of office actions, but a complete analysis of the objections, an explanation thereof under the local practice and law, and a complete description of the best course of action to resolve the case, no matter the complexity of the invention. Our goal is always to reaching a balance between the broadest achievable scope and simplified prosecution.

In addition to patent drafting, the patent department is proud of its ability to engage in technically complex tasks such as patentability searches and opinions, Freedom-to-Operate search and analysis, expert opinions for litigation, draft and review of know-how agreements, and draft and review of licensing agreements. Each of these services is performed using the most state-of-the-art technologies.

Using the firm’s exceptional knowledge of the domestic patent and regulatory systems, the firm counsels pharma and biotech clients on issues surrounding the local linkage system established between the sanitary authority (COFEPRIS) and the patent office, allowing companies to attain and uphold their best market position in relation to their competitors.

In the ever-evolving telecom environment, Dumont has developed special capabilities to perform essentiality evaluations of patents granted on internationally standardized technologies such as the 3G technology, IETF Internet Protocols, HDMI, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and LongTerm Evolution – Advanced (4G) technologies, WiFi, WiMax, and the like.

Other services include

Drafting and recordation of license agreements

Drafting and recordation of assignment agreements.

Surveillance and maintenance of rights.

Filing of PPH requests for expediting patent examination.

Filing and responding to third party observations.

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