Dumont’s Trademarks Department takes a unique approach to serving its clients.


We place the clients’ interests first, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and do our best to understand their business and needs in Mexico, offering solutions that are tailored to their smooth entry into the Mexican market. As part of this approach, we advise clients on all possible risks in adopting a certain trademark when we deem it appropriate, and propose alternatives which will allow them to be successful in terms of securing their rights and making their trademark attractive to the Mexican market.

Our team is deeply experienced and fluent in all aspects of trademark and slogan protection, from filing, prosecution, registration and maintenance, to complex transactional and licensing work.

Our clients receive the best possible services geared to developing a brand protection strategy that not only matches their business goals, but also mitigates any possible risk by ensuring their rights will be secure should they need to be enforced.

We are driven by our clients to be highly specialized across a range of industries, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals, fashion and luxury, to IT and sports, which allows us to advise on the best approach to protection, as well as to highlight any related regulatory issues.

We offer a wide range of services through our Trademark Department, including:

Drafting and recordation of license agreements

Comprehensive registry and commercial availability searches

Filing and prosecution of both national and international (Madrid System) trademarks.

Portfolio management in Mexico and Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean

Comprehensive trademark watching on both registries and commerce

Licensing and transactional

Customs registration